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Barbershop Shave Soap

Barbershop Shave Soap


A true artisan shave soap - we kept it pure and natural to produce a creamy, rich lather enriched with aloe and shea butter to provide a premium shave that won't dry your skin out.


Scent Profile : Leather and tobacco with woodsy undertones


Note: This is a replacement puck. If you require a bowl, please check out our hand poured, concrete shave bowls!

Begin by soaking your shave brush in hot water until it is fully saturated and lightly squeeze the excess water out. Swirl your brush in the soap container until a thick lather has been built. A little more water may be needed with a fresh soap to season it. Be careful not to add too much water as it will interfere in creating a rich lather. Continue building the lather with the brush on your skin and shave as usual!

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