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Rootbeer Beard Balm

Rootbeer Beard Balm


Our unique blend of oils, butters and waxes helps to tame your beard without leaving a heavy, greasy feel behind. Our oils and butters were chosen for their ability to absorb into the hair to offer nourishment while our waxes were paired up to offer hold without all of the grease.


Scent Profile: A freshly cracked bottle of rootbeer.

Scrape out an appropriate amount (start with a dime sized amount) using the back of your thumb nail, and warming it between your palms. Work it into your beard, starting at the root of the hair and working out the remaining bits to the end of the hair. Shape your beard using a comb, brush or your fingers and tame your fly aways by gently runing your hands over top of your beard.


*When using a beard oil, in addition to the balm, you will apply the oil first and wait at least 5 minutes for it to absorb before applying your balm*

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