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Cooling Mint Beard Wash

Cooling Mint Beard Wash


Designed to give you a deep cleanse for whatever may lurk in the depths of your beard, without drying it out or stripping away the good stuff! As always, we took great care in keeping all of our ingredients natural with no harsh chemicals, leaving you with a healthy, soft beard.


Scent Profile:  Tea tree and peppermint

Ideally, you will want to wash your beard every three days. If you tend to use a lot of product in your beard in between washes, you may benefit from a double cleanse (two washes back to back) to ensure you are starting with a thoroughly cleansed beard. 


Apply an appropriate amount of wash based on your beard length and focus on lathering at the root of the hair, being sure to cleanse the skin beneath the beard. Don't be surprised at the low suds lather - remember, more bubbles do not equate to a better cleanse. Rinse and repeat as necessary. Pair it with our popular beard conditioner for an incredibly soft and manageable beard!

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