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Unscented Beard Conditioner

Unscented Beard Conditioner


This leave-in conditioner has been created to hydrate and soften your beard using nourishing ingredients instead of ineffective silicones. Each ingredient was selected for it's abiltiy to repair and hydrate the hair folicle, enouraging growth and reducing breakage. We didn't forget about your skin though! With both salicylic acid and lactic acid incorporated into the formula, our beard conditioners work to prevent and destroy ingrown hairs as well. With continued use, you will notice a smoother, more tame beard with fewer ingrown hairs.


Scent Profile: While technically unscented, the benzoin essential oil leaves a very light, warm aroma with slight vanilla undertones.

For the best results, massage into your freshly cleansed beard and skin at night using downward, raking motions to avoid tangling the hair and ensure even distribution. Your skin and beard will soak everything up throughout the night and it will leave you with a more managable, smooth beard come morning. 

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